Drug Addiction



Drug addiction means strong attraction for illegal harmful substance like drug. The addicts feel themselves in a condition of being unable to stop taking the drugs. The narcotics like heroine, opium, marijuana, morphine, cocaine, phensidyl, hashish, brown-sugar, yava etc. are commonly called drugs. These drugs are taken orally, through inhaling or injecting. The addicts who takes these feels exciting, intoxicating and stimulating effects. The frequent taking of these drugs leads a man to death. It is a curse of modern civilization. It is not only a national but also a global problem. There are so many reasons for which people take drugs. In the modern society  there are several family problems. The lack of love and affection forces youths to get addicted to drugs. Sometimes the pressure of addicted friends tempts the youth to become an addict. Frustration ins another cause of taking drugs. When there is no hope left for the young people, they addict to drugs. Drugs have a terrible effect on human body. People feel drowsy and lose appetite. It may damage the brain and internal function of the body. The addicts feel intensive  pain in the body. The treatment of drug addicts is expensive and difficult. In Bangladesh the problem has become so acute that thousands of families in cities, and even in rural areas are directly or indirectly affected by it. Recently Bangladesh is used by the international drug smugglers as a transit of transmission from one country to another. To remove this dangerous problem from the country all concerned must create awareness.  Drug-addicts must be treated with love and kindness. The society should take strong  measures to control the dishonest businessmen and drug-traffickers. Parents must be careful. The law must be enforced. Thus, if each and every person is sincere to drive his curse, the human being will get rid of this harmful thing. We can hope that the day is not so far when there will be no such things like drugs and our young generation will get aloof of this vicious circle and work as a progressive force for the country.


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